White Sage (Salvia Apiana)

Latin name: Salvia apiana

Common Name: White sage, Bee Sage, California White Sage, Sacred Sage, Salvarial




Country of Origin: Coastal regions of southern California, USA.

Family: Lamiaceae.

Description: White Sage is used to cleanse spaces, houses, rooms or environments of any kinds of subtle, old energies and prepare the space with fresh intent. It is also used to cleanse the aura of a person from stuck old energies to prepare for ceremony or spiritual work. White Sage is also used for cleansing objects for use in ceremony or when calling or looking inward for higher guidance. It is very good for cleansing crystals as well.


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The product is sold as a natural incense and you should not use it for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.

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250gram, 500gram, 1kg


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