Dammar (Canarium Strictum)

Latin name: Canarium Strictum.

Common Name: Dammar, Mata kucing, Batu, Cat-eye resin.



Botanical classification.               

Country of Origin: India, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia.

Family: Burseraceae.

Description: This large semi-deciduous tree is one of the most important hardwood timber species in India and Nepal. It is a sprawling species, quickly taking over any area in which it grows. The tree yields either a transparent whitish or solid brownish oleoresin, which is highly prized for incense use. The resin is also used as a sealant for caulking boats. The tree is an object of worship for Buddhist and Hindus in India.


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The product is sold as a natural incense and you should not use it for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.

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