Full Moon in Cancer (Soul)

Full moon in Cancer8

Full moon in cancer (Soul)  

The December 29-30 Full Moon arrives in the sign of Cancer. There is this sense of heightened emotions bubbling under this final Full Moon of the year. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so the Moonbeams shines its element on this night. As the Moon returns to its favorite spot in our sky, it is able to express its powers to the fullest. The Moon represents our emotions, but also what makes us feel safe and secure. It represents our ability to nurture ourselves and to take care of our emotional needs. So much of our safety and security has been up for evaluation this year, but the Moon reminds us that all is not lost. It reminds us that we always have the power to create safety, comfort, love, and warmth right within this bodily vessel we call home. Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac, and 2020 was also a number 4 year in numerology. The number 4 represents the home. It represents the heart of who we are and feeling at home within ourselves. 

There is this sense that whatever we have been carrying on our backs, whatever weight of the world we have felt on our shoulders, is now being washed away. 

Let it go. Let the flood gates open. That’s what this Cancer Full Moon whispers to us as we bring to a close the year of 20

In the gemini full moon, last month ,-    We were letting go of what did no longer sooth our way of thought, now with this moon we are looking at our emotional plane , and by combining those two full moons abilities, we will now begin to find great coherence between thought/mind and feelings/heart. 

The cancer full moon helps us to reflect inwards, to look at what emotional pain or limiting emotional blocks which are holding us  back from manifesting our deepest felt wishes and desires.This Cancer full moon works on our mass or instinctual consciousness, but it has much more to offer than that if you can ascend its watery beams to the source of all life itself.

This full moon vibrates with an very powerful and potent energy.

Full moon in Cancer7

So How have you grown?

What frequency do you vibrate on?

What can you do to vibrate higher?

What gifts were sent your way this year?

When you collect your knowledge from last full moon in gemini and this one, what has you learned which you can use in your transformation and your forward mind body and soul growth?

What thoughts and emotions are limiting what you wish to manifest?

What did you learn, this year that you can either use or release with this full moon?

What did you discover?

How can you change those unhealthy thoughts and emotions, so that you can manifest the reality that which you desire?

With this very potent high energetic full moon in cancer, We are being called to go within to look at the depths of our soul. We are being called to nurture the home of our soul.

This time is a great time to Take out the time to listen to the needs of your body, heart, and soul. 

Our health has this year been the main focus this year, and even fear, has been placed on the state of our health this year, so this full moon gives you a chance, a gift if you will,- to take a pause to honor, nourish, and attend to your own well-being.

And the Most of humanity have had so much more time to spend at home this year. 

So What has this shown you?  

What have we discovered about humanity and ourselves along the way?

How can you surrender some more ? 

Where are you over-extending or overreaching in your life? 

Where are you burning the candle too fast or strong? 

Where are you trying too hard?

The places and situations that we care too much can indicate something deeper that may be worthwhile exploring under the illuminating light of the Moon. This time the Full Moon in cancer is also in a harmonious angle to Uranus, which may indicate that we may receive some rewards or culmination of our efforts. Perhaps these come by way of a tangible gift, but perhaps they also come in an intangible way too. Perhaps our true gift is realizing how much we have achieved, how much we have grown, and how much love we have poured into the world. We often are measuring all of our productivity based on all the things we have achieved, but why not also measure it on how much we have loved, shown gratitude, and practiced kindness.

This Full Moons beams of light will light on the path for the new year.

Full moon in Cancer3

It is asking us to please let go of all that is weighting us down and all  that feels heavy. It asks for us to let go of anything we no longer wish to bring with us into this new chapter we are about to begin. It calls for us to let it go, not through struggle or effort but through allowing ourselves to just be. Allow the waves to crash and fall around you. Allow the waves of your emotions to be washed away back out to sea. Let the vibrations of the Cancer Full Moon soothe you and free you. Allow the energies of the Moon to guide you to your inner home, where all is safe and all is well.

It is a very interesting subject to think about that we were opening the year of 2020 with a Cancerian Full Moon and that we are now closing the year off with a Cancerian Full Moon. Though that the difference between then and now however, is that things have softened, the energies are not as strong, there is this sense that we can rest. And that No matter what ups or downs you faced this year, chances are you have something in your life to be grateful for. Chances are there is some sliver of love, hope, and joy just waiting to be tapped into. These magical and Magnificent Moonbeams are reflecting on our great and much beautiful emotional depths, things that may lay hidden in your emotional body can begin to come up, to be released.

Some of the keywords for this cancerian full moon,- integration, initiation, Creativity, sensitivity, sensual, intuition, clairvoyant abilities , soulful embrace, healing, Mind and heart coherence, 

This full moon in Cancer helps you balance, your key to wholeness. It helps you Finding the security you need.

Full moon in Cancer2

A little about the sign of cancer, can help you understand what this work of this full moon is all about.  

Cancer, is the sign of the Crab, which is a mass sign and one of the “gates” into manifested life. The Light Within The Form,- It is the empowerment (but not the empowerment of control) of the solar plexus centre as a complex of watery life. Called the gateway into incarnate life Cancer provides the power of the 1st Ray to facilitate the process of watery interrelationship upon which the whole incarnation process depends. The soul integrates through the sign of the cancer. This is where our initiation takes place.

Think of the matrix of watery Love sustained and vivified by Neptune’s Trident. Without this astral/watery impulse there would be no physical; and hence our Universe is sustained by Cancer.  Alas, most human units experience Cancer as mass or instinctual consciousness but it has much more to offer than that if you can ascend its watery beams to the source of all life itself. This process of the full moon in cancer also means ,- 

Full moon messages, through the lemurian starchily oracle,-

Full moon in Cancer5

Full moon in Cancer6Fire and Water ,- Stillness amidst turmoil, feel, integration, heart connection, Divine alchemy.

“I allow myself to flow freely with my fire and water elements. My heart expression allows hot lave to be purified by healing waters, and water to evaporate and flow into higher realms.”

Lemurian starchild, did you recently experience deep emotional processes? This message from the moon gives you reassurance by showing a deeper harmony and encourages you to remain true to yourself even in times of great turmoil. Please stay connected to your heart when you are facing times of change. Your heart is a beacon of light in a changing sea of emotions. Do you feel overwhelmed by the stories of the world or the people around you? Attune to the Divine spark in your heart. It is a still point, a place of inner peace where you are completely unaffected. Then see everyone on the new earth, released from their burdens. In a healing state, this is what heals the world.

Isn’t it a rollercoaster to go back and forth between different emotions? You might have known the battle mode where you try to fight ne emotion with another, in your inner space or in relationship. All of these survival states are born in the old paradigm, and that is where they die too.

Your Lemurian guide take you to water temples where you are shown the union of opposites, they show a divine harmony that the linear mind cannot understand. Return to these lemurian temples in the oceans now, so that this Divine wisdom and energy is once again bestowed upon you.

Would you like to swim with the dolphins to find the flow of harmonious emotional processes? The dolphins are ready to play with bubbles of joy and orbs of light that show you the way to your heart. Or would you rather. Go into abstract thinking, have you been searching for yourself there? It is time into jump in the water, to find your feelings, your dreams and desires. As you embrace the dolphins, you no longer feel restricted. The dolphins take you deep underwater, towards a trail of orbs. You see many different colors as you follow these trails of light. With each orb, a healing transformations bestowed upon you. The gentle fire burns up the old in a peaceful and joyful way.

Lemurian shaman,- shadow dissolving in gaze of truth, going beyond fear, initiation, animal and plant guides, pink dolphins, mirroring the source self.

¨I welcome the opportunity to look into the well of my unconscious. I let it all be resolved now in Divine Harmony and Oneness. ¨

Are you processing intense emotions? This message comes to you with this energy of the moon because of what you are facing. Visit me deep inside the Lemurian forest to find peace within fear, and compassion within hate. Receive the healing message of the Divine through me, The Lemurian Shaman. As you embark on your journey, head for those parts within the forest that looks the darkest. There isn’t a realistic Danger, because the dark is a projection of your fears. You are invited to willfully go in this direction, even if you shudder at times. Allow your body to release, while you are firm in your decision to head for my sanctuary. If your journey is difficult, turn to your animal guides: This time it is The Elephant The dolphin and the bird. And if you have your own animal guides you can use them also. They reassure you on your journey, even if wild animals scare you. They tell you that you find your way by embracing your emotions, even if they are intense. When you least expect it, when you think you have lost your way, then find my refuge deep within the forest. I invite you to lie down on natural bedding, to receive much healing. Allow me to play my drum of freedom, to start this initiation. Next I will take you to my well of peace, so you can look into it, see what is really bothering you. You will find me within the drops of water, the composition of nature and the fabric of your emotions. Don’t look away from the well, don’t flee from yourself! You are about to discover your sovereignty over your mental-emotional process. 

Dear one, your fear is only a shadow, an illusion of the mind. It cannot withstand your gaze of truth, which shines light on it. Allow a deep integration by going into the well in dreamtime, by meditating deeply. Connect to nature, to the mother of plants and the tree of life to receive this blessing. I The Lemurian Shaman, thank you. Going through my initiation allows you to continue your path in peace and fearlessness.

Meditation,- Create a healing space for yourself, where you can sit down or lie down. You can use an incense/or a candle, and put on your favorite music if you like ,- maybe one with dolphins,- 


Connect with the pink dolphin on the card of the Lemurian shaman, shown above these two messages of the moon. This dolphin are your ally. The softest of Dolphins will help you on this journey.

When you feel safe in your mediative space, allow yourself to be vulnerable, just like the pink dolphin.

Affirmation,- Walking in trust through The Lemurian Forest, I welcome my animal and plant guides, who take me to a deep healing well of peace.

THE LIGHT WITHIN THE FORM —  This is the diffused light of substance itself, the “dark light” of matter…It is the light awaiting the  stimulation coming from the Soul light. 

Full moon in CancerIn the Ancient Wisdom teachings they are telling us that Cancer is “the Gate in”. It is the place where the Soul takes its first physical incarnation for a particular cycle of evolutionary unfoldment. This is one reason why Cancers are always so concerned with their home, and are constantly seeking a secure place in which to roost. 

The purpose of an incarnation taken with Cancer rising has a great deal to do with the anchoring of foundations, a firm base upon which future incarnations may be built. Eventually the experiences of these incarnations synthesize and culminate when we reach “the Gate out” through Cancer’s polarity sign, Capricorn.

When highly developed, Cancer not only has created this firm sense of spiritual foundation (anchored through impersonal love), but also provides the opportunity for giving out a special type of nourishment, one which helps and supports others to come to the realization of their own Soul’s purpose.

Rays Three and Seven work through Cancer. Ray Three is called “the Mother Ray” as it is the Ray of Active Intelligence. It is from mind that all manifestation emerges and Cancer is without doubt the “Mother Sign”. On the level of the Soul, this birthing, nurturing, and mothering is not done through the emotions of the personality. The source of personality centered emotions is rooted in the solar plexus and is thus prejudiced by personal concerns of loss or gain, victory or defeat.These very personal conditions and the survival fears so connected with them are all under the influence of the Moon and the individual’s “biological karma”. It is not the Moon who rules Cancer on the Soul level, it is Neptune .

Cancer’s other Ray energy is Seven. The Seventh Ray is concerned with the interconnectedness existing in all forms of nature. The universally loving vibrations of Neptune endow the soul-centered Cancer with the ability to nurture and protect all of the world’s forms: mineral, vegetable, animal, and human. Neptune bathes the Soul purpose of a person with Cancer rising in the universal waters of transpersonal love. This then becomes the power of love, the Soul, as healer. Look to the position of Neptune in your chart to see where this potential for healing is in your chart.

Cancer is the gateway into life. This sign represents the actual birth; it also represents the old age. This sign holds the energy of those who need extra care, those who need to be nurtured and love, and those that the world does not expect too much of them, accept maybe a smile. The Cancer constellation receives the energy of the 3rd ray of Active Intelligence and the 7th ray of ceremonial order. This is the energy of life on earth, the energy of matter itself, the energy that gains momentum and knowledge through experience and in Cancer that experience gets started. 

Full moon in Cancer4The Cancer person starts with the moon as their ruler, transmitting the energy of the 4th ray of harmony through conflict. This energy is emphasized in Cancers in their very active emotional nature, represented by the moon. This accounts for their known mood swings, for their many phobias and fears some based on reality some not. A childlike view of the world prone to taking sides: you are either from my family, hometown, tribe or country and therefore on my side, or you are a foreigner and therefore I should be careful from you. Many Cancers yearn for a home, they either did not experience a stable home as young children, or they were not nurtured with the full understanding and emotional support they needed. Therefore, for them, under the moon’s influence having a home and a family becomes of paramount importance, and so many of them find it very hard to grow up and be the mother or the father of that home. Something their nature stays young and responsibility is one of the hardest things for them to cope with.

They insist on viewing other people’s emotions as their own, and are very surprised to find out that other people feel different emotions from their own; they are also surprised that other people want other things in life, different to their own wishes. They are changeable as the moon changes, and yearn for outer stability, when it is the inner emotional stability that they truly want. Prone to nostalgia, very patriotic and attached to their home traditions, those become the shell that shields them from the world and keeps them locked within their confines.

At the same time they are very giving, open heart and ready to be there for others, especially those in need. Cancer is a cardinal sign, so they keep on trying and attempting to build a home, a career, a place for themselves where they can be secure and invite others to share in that security. It is just that coping with the world and all its demands seems a bit too much sometimes, and their instinctive taking of others feelings as their own can be very hard on the emotional body.

As their conciseness elevates, as they develop maturity and responsibility, as their emotional nature gets purified from selfish motives, they receive the influence of Neptune as the esoteric ruler.

With Neptune around it is unconditional love to everybody, the ability to heal emotional wounds of all kinds, and be a home, or represent the energy of home to others. The home that accepts you just as you are, the home that nurtures you both physically and emotionally, where you are taken care of when needed, and where you live your life with the people you love. They no longer need to hide behind the armors of overweight or hide at home, they are free to spread their beauty, warmth and giving nature to all who need it. It is this energy of real devotion that helps them create the home they have been dreaming.

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