Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini & Sun in Saggitaurus

Full Moon Partial lunar eclipse in gemini, Sun in Saggitaurus

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, Sun in Saggitaurus. (Magic) 

Full Moon Partial lunar eclipse in gemini, Sun in Saggitaurus2

November 30, 2020, brings a Partial Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini. The Partial Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini is the second to last eclipse before the end of 2020

This full moon is happening while the sun has entered into the great saggitaurus cycle. While the moon is about illuminating things that are hidden in the dark, the sun shines bright and illuminates what ever the zodiac sign is all about. It influence our soulful developments, so that the ability’s that ¨in this case ¨ saggitaurus stand for, is here to help us moving towards our path of enlightenment.

The thing about full moons is – that they happen once a month when the sun’s rays fully illuminate the surface of the moon. Our moon has not a light of its own, and when the moon is shining at its brightest and fullest, we’re receiving maximum light and vitality as the sun’s rays bounce off of the lunar surface. While the energy of a full moon lasts for about three days before and after the lunation, the moon is technically only full for a moment—when the sun and the moon are directly opposite each other in the sky. 

Affects of the full moon – The Humans have been living by lunar cycles for centuries, and still in this modern world we live in today, connecting to those energies will give us a sense of grounding and synergy with the earth and cosmos. 

The full moon’s is times of culmination and fruition. Starting with the “dark” phase of the new moon, the lunar surface gathers light over a two-week period, and then it will manifest as a full moon. When the moon is fully complete, it’s a spiritual and energetic pinnacle of whatever you started when the sun and the moon united at the new moon.  

Full Moon Partial lunar eclipse in gemini, Sun in Saggitaurus

As the moon waxes ¨increases toward a full light ¨, it is a time where The waxing phase of the moon – means a forward-movingenergy builds and we are going to collect information. 

As the moon wanes and the light starts to dwindle, we again can begin releasing what’s no longer working for us. It’s also an very essential and great time for reflecting on what you’ve built during the waxing phase while shedding away anything which does not feel right anymore.  And As the moon wanes, its a time when we can tie up any loose ends and a time to say goodbye to what is not no longer serving our own highest soulful mission. energy and a momentum which is a great time for building things, or to working toward a goal, or bring in the first phases of a project to fruition. Once a full moon arrives, the waning phase of the moon begins. Waning means –  ¨decreasing¨. 

Where have we been procrastinating or avoiding a decision? These kind of eclipses will reveal that and can force our hands. In fact, their energies can play out for several months! In essence, Partial eclipses are intensified new and full moons that force us to level up our game!

The sun in saggitaurus, – is here for encouraging us to shine bright full of vitality, it  is here to give us the life force that we are in need of. The sun in saggitaurus is now in the center of our lives for showing us how to reach a higher consciousness of knowledge and expansion. It is here to help us shine from within. While the sun is our spirit, our personality And as it represents (along with uranus) the animating flash of life. The sun signifies who we essentially are. It is the need to express who we are. 

The sun is the return to light, the ability to transform and rise again. It represents our health, vitality and dynamism. The sun is our strength and what we are putting our focus on. It is the life giving creator. It is the universal spark, called spirit that enlivens the body. It is our strenght. The sun is the desire to bring on the outside what exists on the inside. It is life made manifest! The sun says, more than any other planet, ¨i wish to live, I want to thrive ¨ 

The sun in saggitaurus says, all eyes are on you. You have the strenght and power to get things done. All things that are truly meaningful are starting to happen now! You are now in a place to lead and inspire. It is through the suns deep guidance, inspiration and creativity that will enable you to make things materialize. Saggitaurus is known for it’s energy of an childlike attitude, it helps us to embrace a very generous, graceful, and thankful kind of attitude. This is now a time of laughter.

Full moon lunar eclipses bring about great changes in our lives. And Lunar Eclipses is an extra kind of a potent Full Moon. They are illuminating areas of our lives which need to be cleared up and swept away. They shine a light on all that no longer needs to be present with us. The Lunar eclipses are revealing to us at what places in our lives that we are holding on too tightly, and in what places and situations, where it is that we have to surrender and let go. 

Lunar Eclipses has an much needed potent energy that require us to shed skin. This kind of shedding can sometimes leave us to feel vulnerable, afraid, anxious or uncertain of what is to come. But this Lunar Eclipse in the sign of gemini holds the promise of a brighter season arising. It is here for reminding us that whatever space is created by its presence soon will become manifested on fertile ground, that will be ready to be adorned with new seeds when the timing comes. Under this Lunar Eclipse if something falls away from your life. If something comes to pass, try and hold a feeling of trust in your heart. 

Full Moon Partial lunar eclipse in gemini, Sun in Saggitaurus3

The moon is all about mystery feeling and hidden messages. – The moon is receptive. And it also governs intuition and self-protection. The placements of the sign and the house indicate those areas to which we are the most emotional or sensitive. This moon is in the sign of the gemini, which in the tarot cards are associated by the lovers. 

The gemini, is ruled by the planet mercury, and is associated to the third house of messages in astrology. The moon represents what is felt instinctively and what is at the core of our emotions. In the astrology, the moon is the symbol of our soul. 

It shows the intimate side of who we are. It represents security, the home we grew up in, and the need to hide away and recoup our energies. So the moon can signify the relationships with our mothers, as well as fertility and pregnancy. It also signifies our great grandmothers, and grandmothers.

Gemini is the sign for communication, it is the first educated air sign, and is known as the messenger of gods. It is also the sign of duality. This partial lunar moon eclipse In Gemini will show us how we respond emotionally to the communication in our lives, it will make us see what we feel most deeply when words are spoken either in anguish or in good grace.

In ancient mythology, the twins were said to represent both the seen, tangible world and the unseen, intangible world. One twin was from this Earth, and the other was not. These twins are signifiers of both the human and the being that make us human beings. They remind us that we are not just a physical body but a soul as well. Whatever unfolds on this Eclipse is likely to stir both our physical bodies and our spiritual bodies.We may find that we are dealing with both of these elements in some way. And we may also find both our seen and unseen worlds affected or intersecting in a way that we didn’t notice before. We may even start to become more consciously aware of how our inner state influences our outer state and the way we choose to see things.

Gemini is an air sign, which rules our mind. Our mind has the power to paint the picture we choose to see. Our mind has the power to take events and attach stories to them. It is those ind of stories that can trip us up more than the events themselves. It is the stories we tell ourselves that create a lot of stress and anguish in our lives.

Under the energetic power of this Gemini Lunar Eclipse, see if you can calm your mind by releasing any stories that are no longer serving you. See if you can step out of overthinking and into a state of just being. The twins teach us that we are both human and being, so see if you can find this balance. See if you can shift away from the ego of your human side, which we very often get wrapped up in, and take time to just honor the still beingness that you are. Maybe some past lifes experiences – is still in need of an karmic clearing, or experiences of this life will show up at your conscious thoughts, in these cases, the need for handling them with balanced and loving communication will be at great service to the development of your souls journey in this cycle of your life. 

The gemini is a very knowledgable sign, it loves to know, and it loves to learn how to know and what to know. Just as the sun in saggitaurus is here to remind us on how to keep an childlike attitude towards life, the moon in gemini is also here to remind you, the hidden parts of your inner Childs passionate and innocents parts of your self which you have forgotten. 

In esoteric astrology – it isnot only the planet of Mercury who is the ruler of GEM. The planet of Venus and Earth is also associated to Gemini So everything mentioned below is what will be impacted at this full moon.  

The sign of Gemini is related to the second ray of Love and Wisdom. And it works directly with three planets in our solar system. The first is Mercury Which is the fourth Ray of Harmony through Chaos, which gives GEM. its adaptable and highly curious nature, who always sees the both sides of every subject. 

Mercury, rules the personality of Gemini and is referred to ¨as once mentioned above ¨ as the Messenger of the Gods, which is quite an extensive job description. 

The planet of Mercury carries messages between the poles with the speed of light.  Mercury who is the great god of duality and mediation and manifests in our world, not only as the information giver, but also as the connecting link between the higher — abstract, symbolic, pattern-identifying ¨ and the lower — logical, analytical, personal me minds. Mercury eventually will establish Right Human Relations between the personality and the Soul, after the logical and the abstract levels of the mind have been developed.   

Full Moon Partial lunar eclipse in gemini, Sun in Saggitaurus4

Throughout the ages – Mercury has been known by different names to fit the times, but in each incarnation he seemed to teach the same disciplines. To the ancient Egyptians he was Anubis, the jackal- headed god, who prepared and led the deceased through underworld corridors to final judgment. He was also Thoth, the ibis-headed god, who taught all things mathematical and reasonable and was considered to be the mind principle of Ra, the Egyptian Sun god. Both Thoth and Anubis were thought to have created all knowledge, which included language, astronomy, arithmetic, music, medicine, laws, and science. In Greece, Mercury was called Hermes, the god of wisdom, and later in history, from 580 to 500 B.C., Mercury incarnated as Pythagoras and created a system of metaphysics that uses numbers and geometry to explain the universal mysteries. It is said that in Mercury’s present-day incarnation he is the Ray 2 Master Koot Humi and the one who will succeed the Christ as Teacher of the World.

The second planet that Gemini works with is Venus which is – the fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science. Venus is thought to be Earth’s alter ego or higher self. Earth and Venus have worked together in ways still mysterious for us human to understand, except for one event that completely transformed humanity 18 million years ago. That event was the activation of the human mind. This was performed by the Lords of Venus as a gift to humanity in exchange for an aspect of the feminine Love principle that humanity had given to Venus ages before. The four original Venusians who came to Earth those many millions of years ago still remain here in their etheric forms. Sanat Kumara is the head of this team and is called the Ancient of Days in esoteric texts.

Gemini is the sign of thinking, communicating, connecting, and relating. These are the principles of the mind. Therefore, it’s essentially appropriate that Gemini works with Venus. Remember that we are not just speaking about planets somewhere out there at a distance from us. The planets represent forces within and outside ourselves. They represent different vibratory levels, and different planes of consciousness. On the personality level of development, Venus represents attraction, a coming together, personal love feelings, a desire for unification. On the Soul level, Venus tells us that for unification to occur, for separations to be fused, for opposites to blend, for the tensions of duality to be resolved, for understanding and actual Love to occur, then all levels of the mind must be activated. It is the ancient rule. 

 Which finally brings us to the planet Earth, which is the spiritual ruler of Gemini, and the planet where the using of polar opposites is a teaching mechanism to resolve duality. 

Full Moon Partial lunar eclipse in gemini, Sun in Saggitaurus5

Earth is the third Ray of Active Intelligence. The third Ray impulses us to develop intelligence. That’s our responsibility. 

The Ancient Wisdom rule states that intelligence and the fusion in consciousness of polar opposites is the way evolution takes place on Earth.

In this now, in order to develop intelligence, knowledge and discrimination, we live with the tensions created through the polarities of the twelve zodiacal signs. 

Providing the balance of tension between the opposite signs is the sign of Gemini. Providing communication between oppositions is the planet Mercury. Providing ultimate harmony, synthesis, and unification between all oppositions is Venus. Planet Earth is the location in the solar system where this work is to be done. Providing the work force in this great Plan of Spirit uniting with matter (the Divine Marriage), is humanity, that unit of life like none other in the universe, and looked upon with favor by its Creator Gods, the Elohim.

Eclipses are said to bring fated or destined events our way that are aligned with our highest growth in mind. On a Lunar Eclipse, if something exits your life, trust that it was meant to be. Trust that there is a Divine purpose to what is now no longer. Everyone knows that those kind of endings always can be a bit or very painful or even a sad thing to experience. So please give yourself space to grieve, give yourself permission to feel all that arises out and up from the depths of your own subconsciousness.

Under the influence of this Eclipse, we are also being guided to step into our divine feminine. The energy of the divine feminine is not about gender. It is an expression of energy that rules over the hidden, shadow side.

It represents the knowingness of the unknown and the co’creative qualities that arises when we exists in the void. This strong feminine energy comes from the Goddess influences of Vesta, Eris, Black Moon Lilith, and Ceres. Lunar Eclipses every time they are here, they put us where we are meant to be, so no matter what is stirred for you, trust that the pieces will land where they need to. Use the magical energies of this Lunar Eclipse to connect with your divine feminine, and the totality of all that you are. You are an incredible light being of the great and lovingly cosmos and just as the Moon loses its light due to the shadow of the Earth, it is imprinted with a kiss to your soul from our collective consciousness, and with this kind of a kiss, the Moon offers back its magic, strengthening us for harvest or for release.

Astrology allows you to predict the possibility of manifesting something in your life, but it’s only through using this energy to further your desires that the real magic happens. The energys of the eclipses certainly will and can help you, but mostly you’re the one that creates your own magic! It’s all about taking action and aligning yourself with the universe, not just existing sitting down and letting life happen. And This is where magnifying the energy of the eclipses comes into play, and those kind of rituals below are the key in doing so. Below, you’ll find four things you can do to magnify the magic of the eclipses to manifest your dreams.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is only some steps away from manifestation don’t you believe that this is worth your time? We do.  

Full Moon Partial lunar eclipse in gemini, Sun in Saggitaurus6

Full moon eclipses are all about releasing habits, people and circumstances that are no longer in alignment with your higher self. The best way to use the energy of a full moon eclipse is to actively cleanse your body, mind and soul.

Smudge & Protect Full Moon Eclipse Ritual

This ritual requires four pieces of Crystals for your own choosing a feather in what ever color you would like and an incense you can burn such as – palo santo, or Intense Myrrh which you can buy here : 



It will help to release any thick and unhealthy energy trapped in your aura, your mind, or even your home that may have been leftover from previous houseguests, or even the last time you were in a bad mood. This ritual is best performed on the Full Moon.

    • First, light up your smudge stick. Once it is releasing a healthy amount of smoke, start from one room in your house and walk past every wall, allowing the smoke to waft into each area. Use your feather to direct the smoke, and be sure to pay special attention to windows and doors. 
    • While you are directing the smoke, say out loud: “All that does not belong here, leave now. Thank you.”
    • Repeat throughout every room in the house.
    • Once you have smudged every room, smudge your body. Start from your head, using the feather to direct the smoke. End by lifting up each foot to get the bottoms of your feet.
    • Full Moon Partial lunar eclipse in gemini, Sun in Saggitaurus7Next, get your crystals ready by allowing the smoke to penetrate each piece. Once your crystals is good and clean, you can put your smudge stick or incense out.
    • Place your 4 crystals in the four corners of your home, thereby creating a giant crystal grid. Try to place them as symmetrically as possible. 

Once they are placed, ask the universe to protect the energy of your home and block anything not aligned with your higher purpose from entering. 

  • That’s it! You’ve successfully used the eclipse energy to enhance this cleansing and grid-setting ritual. 
// Merete

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