Humic & Fulvic Acid

Humic Fulvic Acid is an ancient remedy naturally found in nutrient-rich soil.

While the electrolytes found in Fulvic Acid increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients, Humic Acid promotes the health of your immune system by promoting the release of antibodies and cytokines.



Fulvic and Humic Acid are naturally found in soil where food is grown and had been part of the human food chain for centuries till modern farming practices depleted soil minerals. Taking them in supplement form is a safe way to reintroduce them to your diet. Though Fulvic and Humic Acid have different properties and functions, when taken together, they have potent healing and restorative effects on the body’s immune system. Fulvic Acid has the ability to balance and prolong the lifespan of the body’s cells, remove heavy metals, increase absorption of nutrients and improve the function of cells. For example, if you’re deficient in calcium, iron or magnesium, taking Fulvic Acid can increase the body’s ability to absorb these vital nutrients, helping you sleep better and boosting your energy levels. Humic Acid stimulates the immune system by promoting the release of the antibodies and cytokines, which are the chemicals that identify foreign infected cells and spur the immune system into action. Humic Acid can also remove heavy metals from the blood. The medical effects of humic substances have been known for thousands years but modern sciences have re-developed them to create powerful antiviral and antibiotic supplements.



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