Amazing Colloidal Silver Water (25 ppm)

Colloidal Silver Water

25 ppm Silver Hydrosol.

Colloidal Silver has traditionally been used to support the body’s immune function in its dealing with foreign invaders (e.g. bacteria, parasites, viruses).



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Colloidal Silver is considered as a remedy to treat a lot of health problems.

Long before the development of the modern medicine, colloidal silver was used as an all purpose medicine to get rid of various infections and treat illnesses.

Until about the 1940s, it was even used as a natural antibiotic which was only stopped after the modern antibiotics were introduced.

Colloidal Silver is a mineral, a solution of tiny silver particles that are suspended in a liquid base.

BENEFITS OF COLLOIDAL SILVER: Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, Healing wounds and keeping a check on the overall skin health, Soothes and heals pink eye and ear infections, Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory, Helps in relieving sinusitis, Fights cold and flu, Benefits the patients suffering from pneumonia.

INGREDIENTS: 99.99% pure ionic/colloid silver in aqueous (*) solution at 25ppm.

No added salts or proteins – just pure silver in pure water.

The typical size of the silver particles is 5 nanometres.

More than 96% of the silver is positively charged, i.e. in the form of ions. (*)

Pharmaceutical-grade purified water.

‘Ultra-small particle size’ means a greater surface area, which enables the silver hydrosol to be more effective even at a low concentration of 25ppm, and also allows for easier absorption and excretion.

SUGGESTED USAGE: Use externally or internally as needed or recommended by your healthcare prationer.

The appropriate dosage of colloidal silver depends on various factors such as the consumer’s health, age and several other conditions.

While consuming colloidal silver, always bear in mind that natural products too have to be taken in therapeutic doses.


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